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Kuroda Pneumatics Ltd. takes over “DNA” of precise manufacturing technology such as gauge manufacturing technology from Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. We have been successful to manufacture and supply variety of high performance pneumatic components to our valued customers through Kuroda Precision Industries Ltd. Parker Hannifin Corporation is a world leading synthesis components company for factory automation. Under the initiative of Parker Hannifin Corporation, we will expand and develop our enterprise on a worldwide level as a member of Parker group.
Corporate data
Name of company : KURODA Pneumatics Ltd.
Address of the head office : 850 Hanya, Shimotsuma-shi,
Ibaraki 304-0005 Japan
Establishment : August 22, 2003
Capital : 3 hundred million yen
President : Takayuki Kasai
Employee number : 108
1961: Direct operated solenoid valves were developed at first in Japan. Production and sales of Pneumatic equipment started.
1967: Production and sales of “Hi-Rotor”, vane type pneumatic rotary actuator started.
1967: Asahi Plant was constructed as concentrated on pneumatic components manufacturing.
1981: Production and sales of “PC08, PC15” series, rubber seal solenoid valve, started.
1983: Production and sales of miniature pneumatic product family “Mini-Mate Family” started.
1985: Acquired the “μ-Mate Family” G mark (Good Design Award) for ultra-small pneumatic equipments.
1987: Production and sales of “Uni-Wire,” wire saving system, and “Step Hi-Rotor,” multi stop vane type rotary actuator started.
1991: Production and sales of pneumatic handling equipments started.
1996: Production and sale of “ADEX VALVE,” pneumatic solenoid valve started.
1996: Approval of ISO 9001 for Pneumatics and Hydraulics components at Asahi Plant obtained.
1999 Business and capital alliance with Parker Hannifin Corporation, U.S.A.
2002: Approval of ISO14001 for Asahi Plant obtained.
2003: Production and sales of “VA01” series, high speed response valve series, started.
2003: Production and sales of “PWAP,” pneumatic components product line started.
2003: Separation of Pneumatic components business and establishment of “Kuroda Pneumatics Ltd.”
2004: Production and sales of “VA01 latch” series, latching solenoid valve, started.
2004: Production and sales of “CRD” series, rotary absorber for rotary actuator, started.
2005: Production and sales of “VA01_24” series, 4-port direct-acting solenoid valve, started.
2006: Parker Hannifin Corporation (U.S.A.) obtained 70% of Kuroda Pneumatics’ issued shares and Kuroda Pneumatics Ltd. become independent from Kuroda Precision Group.
2006: Kuroda Pneumatics Ltd. started pneumatic components manufacturing and sales activities in Parker Group.