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Linear Motor
Ironless Linear Motor
I-Force series (*)
Compact with high force and rapid accelerations
Max. forces ranging from 24.5N up to 878.6N
Patented I-beam shape with its overlapping windings coil
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Ironless Linear Positioner
T series (*)
Position control unit using Ironless Linear Motor
Easy installation and start. Linear motor, position detector, linear guide, overrun detecting sensor, sensor for original point are unified.
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Servo Driver for Ironless Linear Positioner
Aries series (*)
Servo driver dedicates to position control unit
Digital signal
Incremental, absolute and resolver are possible to be chosen as position feedback
Miniature Linear Motor Stage
MX 80 series (*)
High precision positioner: Linear motor, guide and encoder are unified as one unit. There is two grade, Precision and Standard grade
Main specification
Max. velocity 2000mm/s(+/-10 micro meter), 30mm/s(+/-0.4 micro meter)
Force 4N - 8N (according to stage size)
Travel 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm
Catalogue /PDF
 Precision Grade
Normal load capacity: 8kg
Acceleration: 4G to 3G
Repeatability: +/-0.4 micro meter to +/- 10.0 micro meter
Positional accuracy: 3 to 15 micro meter
(according to resolution of encoder)
 Standard Grade
Normal load capacity: 8kg
Acceleration: 5G to 4G
Repeatability: +/-0.8 micro meter to +/-10.0 micro meter
Position accuracy: 12 to 35 micro meter
(according to resolution)
Servo Driver for Miniature Linear Motor Stage
Vix series (*)
Servo driver suitable for MX80 series
Available to supply one set as Linear Motor Stage and Servo Driver
Settings for each application are possible by using the attached dedicated software from personal computers
(*) This item is supplied from Parker in worldwide. Please refer to in the detail.