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Ultra Small Solenoid Valve with 8mm width
X-Valve series (*)
2-position, 3-port solenoid valve with just 8mm width.
Unitized body incorporates its functional features in a single glass-reinforced, PBT molded body.
Seal material is available from FKM, EPDM and Silicone
Operating pressure: 41 to 689kPa (4 series), Voltage: DC3 to 24V
Flow rate: 4 L/min(41kPa) to 9 L/min(689kPa)
Low leakage: 0.2cc/min (689kPa)
Low power consumption: 0.5W at low pressure, 1.0W at high pressure
Light: 4.5g
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Ultra Small Solenoid Valve with 10mm width
Ten-X series (*)
2-position, 2-port small solenoid valve with 10mm width
Operating pressure: 41kPa, Flow rate: 8 L/min
Response time: less than 5ms
Low leakage: less than 0.016cc/min
Low power consumption type: 0.5W (DC5, 12, 24V)
Light construction: 11g
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Ultra Small Proportional Solenoid Valve
VSO series (*)
Operating pressure: -90kPa to 1.0MPa
100 million life cycles, Low leakage: 0.2cm~3/min
Standout hysteresis feature, Maintains ideal flow through thermal compensation.
Oxygen media is available with optional treatment
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Ultra Small Proportional Solenoid Valve
MD PRO series (*)
Standard model of proportional valve
10 million life cycles, Low leakage: 0.22cm~3/min
Operation pressure: -90kPa to 0.7MPa
Oxygen media is available with optional treatment
Power consumption: Max. 2W

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Air Preparation Equipment
Pressure Control Unit
T2 series (*)
Diaphragm Construction Pump available for positive and negative pressure
6 size variation: T2-01, T2-02, T2-03, T2-04, T-05 and T2-06.
Min. width: 13.5mm, Length: 35mm (T2-05) to 165mm (T2-01)
Suitable for portable air and gas application such as analytical instrumentation and etc.
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Pressure Control Unit
VSO-EP, OEM-EP series (*)
Proportional valves and pressure sensor are in one unit. Sensitive control is available according to the setting voltage.
Pressure sensor, control circuit, valves and etc are unitized in one unit. This pressure control unit realize compact and low cost.
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(*) This item is supplied from Parker in worldwide. Please refer to in the detail.