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3, 4-port / Miniature Direct Operated Solenoid Valve for Vacuum & Positive Pressure/ Poppet Seal
VA series
Direct operated / Poppet seal
For vacuum and vacuum break control
Compact design with 10 mm width /VA01
One coil latch type solenoid

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Multifunctional Vacuum & Vacuum Break Unit
MPV series
Vacuum & vacuum break operation at vacuum pump air line
Pressure sensor, vacuum sensor, in-line filter and vacuum break adjusting needle are unitized
Available to mount on manifold
Vacuum Pad
Variety of vacuum pads for specific applications

Hardware for Vacuum Pad
Variety of hardware for vacuum pads

Pressure / Vacuum Sensor
Variety of vacuum sensors

Vacuum Generator / Vacuum Ejector
Compact vacuum generator

Vacuum Generator / Vacuum Pump
Rotary Vane Type Pump

Related Accessories / In-line Filter, Filter for Vacuum Line LF,LFM series
Variety of variation

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Air Muffler
SL, AS series
Install to exhaust port of valves and reduce exhaust noise
Model No. Port size
AS-5 M5×0.8
AS-6 Rc1/8
AS-8 Rc1/4
AS-10 Rc3/8
AS-15 Rc1/2
Model No. Port size
SL-1 Rc1/8
SL-2L Rc1/4
SL-6 Rc3/4
SL-8 R1