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Hi-rotor(Vane type)
Digest / PDF
Miniature Hi-Rotor
PRNA series
Non-lubrication, Small size, Light
Sensors available
Catalogue /PDF
Digest /PDF
Angle adjastable Hi-Rotor
PROA series
Angle adjustable at 15 degree intervals
(Min. 30 degree to Max.) (With fine adjust screws)
Sensors available
Hi-Pal Hi-Rotor
PRHA series
Hi-Rotor with solenoid valve
Sensors available
Rotary Absorber
CRE series
Rotary absorber for miniature Hi-Rotor
PRN series
Hi-Rotor is pioneer of vane type rotary actuator.
Uniquely designed sealing mechanism minimized leakage,
assuring slow speed oscillating and stable, smooth operation at low pressures and speed.
Catalogue /PDF
Hi-Pal Hi-Rotor
PRH series
With solenoid valve
Sensors available
CRN series
Hydraulic cushion for Hi-Rotors (Apply for PRN50 to 800)
Cubic Mount Hi-Rotor
QR series -Obsolete-
Through-hole on body allow flexible mounting in any direction.
Mounting space is cut 10 to 20% as compared with the usual type.
Angle Adjustable Cubic Mount Hi-Rotor
QRO series -Obsolete-
Angle adjustable at 15 degree intervals
(Min. 30 degree to Max.)(With fine adjust screws)
Sensors available
Step Hi-Rotor
SH series
Unique vane type oscillating actuator consisting of a combination of two Hi-Rotors desined for 2 and 3-step feeds.
Angle adjustable (With fine adjust screws)
Sensors available
Catalogue /PDF